MonthApril 2020

Post Analysis of ENPH Trade

This is a post analysis I did of a recent trade of ENPH. All the details are on the chart.

There was a good discussion on Twitter about the post analysis. See the Twitter reference below.

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Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 4/20/20

Following are several charts you can use as a visual reference for @mwebster1971‘s Weekend Stock Market Update for the week of 4/20/2020.

The first chart is the 30,000 foot view of the week’s action. The second chart shows the technical action more in detail. You can follow the discussion on Twitter at the bottom of the post.

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Webby’s Handle with Care Screen

In honor of our newly formed handle on the Nasdaq, Webby’s Handle With Care @MarketSmith Screen. @IBDinvestors.

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Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 04/13/20

I’ve created the following two charts to accompany Mike Webster’s Weekend Stock Market Update: Coronavirus Bull Market Powers Higher, which is published weekly on

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Webby’s Gimme Shelter Screen

On bad days like today…look for tells. Like, what was able to close near their highs for the day, even with a storm brewing.

Not much passed today…that can also be a tell. Webby’s Gimme Shelter @Marketsmith screen. @IBDinvestors

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Webby’s Tight Screen

I tend to share loose screens… so I thought I’d switch it up…

Webby’s Tight @MarketSmith screen. @IBDinvestors

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Webby’s Double Wide Screen

When the market is this strong & at key levels, it’s worth casting a wide net. I just made this Webby DoubleWide @MarketSmith Screen. @IBDinvestors

Feel free to build it yourself and make it a triple wide.

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2020 Nasdaq Correction Versus 1998

Following is a visual summary I created based on Mike Webster’s discussion on IBDLive, highlighting the similarities of the 1998 Nasdaq market correction and today’s market.

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